Ground and Flight Testing


We have installed comprehensive instrumentation in large aircraft for ground testing. We have performed this sort of work all over the world. Typical ground tests consist of pressure, strain and displacement instruments and testing for pressure as well as scaled applied loads. This can be to validate FEA or to perform a pre and post mod strain survey.

Data Acquisition Equipment for a Ground Test on a head of state airplane performed outside of the US
RKG Enterprises, Inc. | Ground & Flight Testing
One of many strain gage installations in the head of state airplane, strain data from ground testing was used to validate the FEA.
RKG Enterprises, Inc. | Strain Gage Installation

We have provided temperature, strain, displacement and flow instrumentation in flight testing of aircraft.

Small Flight Test Data Acquisition Instrumentation:

RKG Enterprises, Inc. | Strain Gage Installation


Our specialty is providing custom, turnkey structural testing solutions to solve our customers certification needs. Typically, we initially interface with the customer to define test requirements and objectives. We then prepare the certification test plan and test rig drawings/models. After customer concurrence, we fabricate the test setup and loading apparatus, install the test article, and obtain the necessary conformity inspections. The test is performed per the test plan with required witnesses and observers. Test results and data are electronically captured and delivered to the customer with a test results report.  With close to a thousand tests performed over the last 22 years, we have become quite efficient at this and can provide our services at a competitive price and schedule.

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